River view, Myanmar. Photo by Phyu Aye Pwint, 2017 CGAP Photo Contest Photo by Phyu Aye Pwint, 2017 CGAP Photo Contest

What began as a side project has become central to Zoona's plans for growth. In this blog post, Zoona executives Brett Magrath and Bridgid Thomson discuss the importance of APIs at the company.

How Open APIs Fueled the Growth of Eko in India

Indian money transfer company Eko has seen major growth since they decided to open APIs in 2016. In this video, co-founder Abhinav Sinha describes the role that APIs have played in the business's growth and profitability.

By connecting its agents to e-commerce platforms, BTPN is giving agents and end-customers in Indonesia more reasons to use its mobile banking service.
Open APIs can be good for business and for financial inclusion

Open APIs can benefit financial services providers in several ways. In the short term, they can attract customers, increase activity rates and generate new revenue streams. Longer term, they can strategically position providers at the center of emerging digital ecosystems. Since APIs make it easier for innovators to build an array of apps and other products that rely on financial services, customers benefit from greater competition and access to a wider array of services. Learn more in the blog and publication below.


Many industries have seen businesses grow after opening APIs. Learn why open APIs could also be a boon for financial services providers in emerging markets.
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Get a more detailed introduction to open APIs — what they are and how they can unlock innovation in digital financial services ecosystems — in this e-book.