Jim Rosenberg

By Jim Rosenberg


Branchless Banking – Scenarios for 2020: Video and Presentations

The scenario examines the impact of a new player in the market and how a competitive and crowded marketplace for bill payment services stimulates a new wave of innovation.

How Branchless Banking Can Foster Savings Accounts for the Poor

How can government and private sector most affect the uptake and usage of branchless banking among the unserved majority by 2020?

How Can Regulators Protect Funds Held by Mobile Money Providers?

The success of mobile money services such as M-PESA has raised the question of how to regulate nonbanks—most notably mobile network operators, which are often well-placed to reach customers with affordable financial services due to their existing customer base, marketing capabilities, network of agents, physical distribution infrastructure, and experience with high-volume, low-value transactions.

Is There an App to Track M-PESA’s Growth?

Though many say it will be years (or never) by the time near-field communication (NFC) technology gets into the hands of the mass market customer, at least one very notable handset maker appears to be making moves towards integrating NFC into its future products.

Learn How M-PESA Reached 10 Million Kenyans in 3 Years

We write a lot about M-PESA. That’s because it is the most successful mobile money service launched (so far).