Malika Anand

Malika Anand is a consultant at CGAP. Her work focuses on product innovation, platform work, and climate resilience and adaptation. She serves as Head of Impact, ESG, and Research for Catalyst Fund, an early-stage fund and accelerator. She has worked at BFA Global and The Coca-Cola Company, and holds a MPAID from Harvard Kennedy School and a bachelor's degree from the University of Chicago.

By Malika Anand


The Road Ahead for Platform Gig Workers’ Financial Inclusion

Gig platforms offer financial inclusion potential for their workers, but roadblocks remain. Learn how funders and the financial inclusion community can better support innovation and impact on gig platforms.

The Setup: Partnerships and Conditions for Offering Financial Services to Gig Workers

Platforms can offer financial services to underserved gig workers through digital channels, but it's essential to have the right environment for payments, regulations, and analysis. In this brief, early lessons share how institutional partnerships can lead to successful market entry.

Putting Gig Data to Work: Innovations in Expanding Credit Access

Learn how industry pioneers such as Moove and Karmalife have developed algorithms and products to use work and earnings data to extend credit to gig workers in this new brief.

Financial Services for Gig Workers: Lessons on Getting Design and Delivery Right

This brief highlights four examples of successful design and delivery methods employed by industry leaders in providing financial services to gig workers.

Can Platform Data Expand Access to Transformative Credit?

Digitizing microbusinesses and informal work can help low-income workers and businesses access more and cheaper financial services, but only if the data created by digitization can improve risk evaluation by lenders.