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The Setup: Partnerships and Conditions for Offering Financial Services to Gig Workers

The digital rails created by platforms can be a powerful foundation for offering financial services to underserved gig workers, but ensuring the right environmental conditions around digital payments, regulations, and analytical capability are important. Platforms, financial service providers, and others need to assess these local conditions, and then create partnerships and alliances to bring the right skills, expertise, and regulatory licenses to the table. It is premature to decide on a winning approach, but this brief shares some early lessons about institutional partnerships for going to market successfully.


These briefs draw from five pilots supported by CGAP and a learning community of over 50 executives from fintechs, platforms, support organizations, and financial service providers. We would like to recognize the following participants for their valuable contributions:

  • Abdellatif Olama and Abhinand Gopal, JumiaPay
  • Angela Sharp and Nick Calothi, ABALOBI
  • Anshul Khurana, Entitled
  • Badal Malick, Sachin Tripathi, Karmalife
  • Christian Wamambe Mayeku, SafeBoda
  • Christopher Maclay, Jobtech Alliance
  • Jim Chu, Untapped Global
  • Kayode Adeyinka, Gigmile
  • Liza Maru and Saurabh Sharma, Britam Insurance
  • Melina Cruz, Homely 
  • Niladri Roy, LittleApp
  • Pramod Ghorpade, Dvara Money
  • Pranshu Diwan, Ola Insure
  • Paul Bastian, Gojek
  • Rachel Levenson, Turaco
  • Tanah Sullivan, GoTo
  • Tingting Peng, Moove

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