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Small Farmers, Mobile Banking, Financial Inclusion in Madagascar

Madagascar is among the poorest countries in Africa and also ranks low on the continent for financial inclusion. However, there is a great deal of innovation taking place in the country targeted at people living in rural areas.

An Alternative to M-PESA? Orange and Equity Bank Launch Iko Pesa

There’s been news of several new mobile money launches over the last few weeks. Digicel in Haiti has just launched its TchoTcho Mobile service. Its main competitor Voila has launched its service for use by relief organizations throughout the country.

West Africa Switches on Mobile Money: Headlines for June 22, 2010

We’ve been saying for awhile that mobile money will be less compelling in places where good alternatives to cash already exist, for example, in developed markets such as North America. Despite that, the folks who look after how payments get cleared has opened a door for mobile.