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Unlocking Rural CICO Agent Networks for Financial Inclusion

Digital financial services can help low-income customers withstand individual and climate shocks and improve their well-being. However, expanding Cash-In and Cash-Out (CICO) agent networks to rural areas is challenging. In this webinar, we'll discuss GCAP's research on agent networks, the importance of CICO networks for financial inclusion, and five key actions to expand rural networks at scale.

Open Finance: Lessons from Brazil

This webinar features insights from CGAP research, as well as a panel discussion with experts from the Brazilian open finance ecosystem.

Behind the Scenes with Inclusive Fintech Investors

Despite efforts to expand MSE finance, the credit gap remains at US$4.9 trillion. New tech-enabled business models can break down traditional barriers but require funding and access to suitable early-stage funding is scarce. In this webinar, we will discuss the potential role of fintech incubators and accelerators in supporting early-stage fintechs and providing linkages to the investment community and more.

Incentivizing Gender Outcomes through Innovative Investment Structures

This webinar will highlight innovative models being used by a range of GLI ecosystem actors – a DFI, GLI advisory firm and a manager of catalytic capital - to integrate gender into investment structures, with a focus on the financial inclusion sector. By sharing these examples, this webinar aims to accelerate the uptake of these models.

Digital Future of Microfinance: A Realistic Path Towards Big Dreams

CGAP has conducted a series of pilots and exercises to demonstrate how microfinance institutions can leverage technology to grow their business, deliver value to customers, and embark on the digital future. A virtual workshop will be held to share the findings from our work and discuss microfinance’s future.

Global Landscape: Data Trails of Digitally Included Poor (DIP) People

In this webinar, the authors will present the main findings from research on the growing availability of data trails and shed light on the gender gaps and other trends identified in the data trails of DIP people.

Slicing the Small Business Pie: Opportunities and Challenges in Segmenting MSEs

CGAP’s Focus Note highlights the importance of segmentation of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) for designing relevant financial services and targeted support mechanisms, and identifies five salient dimensions of segmentation. Participants discussed the opportunities and challenges in effective segmentation.

Combining Open Finance and Data Protection for Low-Income Consumers

In this webinar, the authors of a new CGAP Technical Note on open finance discussed how to address data protection concerns in an open finance world so that wary, low-income consumers in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (EMDEs) can take advantage of what open finance has to offer.

The Promise and Risk of Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) for Micro and Small Enterprises

This session explored different Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) models, the benefits of these models to MSEs, as well as the challenges and opportunities to scale these offerings in a sustainable manner. It also explored consumer protection challenges that are becoming more relevant as the BNPL market grows.

Rural Stars: Making Rural Agents Viable for Cocoa Farmers in Indonesia

IDEO Last Mile Money designers presented key findings in the rural-agent model, business viability, and the importance of women agents. A panel of experts also discussed the opportunities and challenges they have faced in delivering digital payments and services to rural customers.


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