International Funding for Financial Inclusion in 2021: Global Data

These data snapshots were generated from the 2021 CGAP Funder Survey (see publication and methodology), and they may be browsed online or downloaded to share and use in your own presentations. The 2021 CGAP Funder Survey reports funding commitments from 31 international funders, both public and private, as of the end of 2021.

Data snapshots are available to download at the global and regional level. Each snapshot showcases data responding to the following questions:

  1. How much international funding is going to support financial inclusion?
  2. What do funders fund? (Themes, funding purpose)
  3. Who do funders fund? (Recipients)
  4. How do they fund? (Funding instruments)
  5. Where do they fund? (Geographic allocation of funding)

Global Data

Global Data 2021 Funder Survey Screenshot

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Regional Data

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2021 CGAP Funder Survey Regional Snapshot South Asia
2021 CGAP Funder Survey Regional Snapshot East Asia and Pacific
2021 CGAP Funder Survey Regional Snapshot Europe and Central Asia
2021 CGAP Funder Survey Regional Snapshot Latin America and the Caribbean
2021 CGAP Funder Survey Regional Snapshot Middle East and North Africa
2021 CGAP Funder Survey Regional Snapshot Sub-Saharan Africa
2021 CGAP Funder Survey Regional Snapshot Global and Multi Region Projects


The total global estimate of international funding for financial inclusion is calculated based on: (i) the CGAP Funder Survey data, plus (ii) microfinance exposures data in the Tameo Impact Fund Solutions PAIF Survey, minus (iii) duplicate funding captured in both datasets, and incorporating (iv) appropriate market adjustments.

How The CGAP Funder Survey Is Complied

The CGAP Cross-Border Funder Survey is conducted annually and alternates between surveying a full set and a smaller set of the largest international financial inclusion funders. For 2021, CGAP collected data from the survey’s full set (51 funders), comprising $43.9 billion in commitments. To enable comparability of data over time, year-over-year analysis outside the global estimate is based on a subset of the 31 funders who have consistently participated, and who represented $41.2 billion of commitments in 2021.

For more information, see the detailed methodology.

The 2022 Tameo Impact Fund Solutions PAIF Report is an analysis of 198 investment funds targeting emerging and frontier markets with a development impact focus. Its primary function is to allow impact investors and fund managers to benchmark themselves and improve their knowledge of the industry.

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The Funding Explorer is a set of seven interactive dashboards reflecting active international financial inclusion funding commitments as of December 31, 2021. The Explorer uses data from the CGAP Funder Survey complemented by publicly available contextual indicators.  

CGAP’s annual Funder Survey breaks down financial inclusion funding data to offer new intelligence about who’s doing what and where—insights that could be used to inform future development programming and coordination, to ultimately impact the lives of people living in poverty.

Transparency around funding for financial inclusion is critical to effective funder decision-making and coordination, and broader impact. Drawing on findings from our latest Funder Survey, we share five opportunities to improve transparency.
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