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API Pricing for Digital Financial Service Providers: Getting Started

API pricing is a key decision that digital financial services (DFS) providers must make when beginning to open application programming interfaces (APIs). API teams within DFS provider businesses are often required to define an API business model and show the potential for a return on investment quickly.

A strong API business model will balance a DFS provider’s own business objectives with the needs of API consumers to experiment and learn as they build and grow their businesses.

This Technical Note aims to help DFS providers navigate these challenges and devise pricing strategies that:

  • Support the DFS provider to achieve specific business objectives.
  • Generate business value for each target API consumer segment.
  • Align with (or modify) prevalent market expectations and norms for pricing.

This Technical Note complements other CGAP resources on open APIs. For more information, see our full Collection of resources: Open API Strategies: How to Plan for Success.


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