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Development Funders and Inclusive Fintechs: Analyzing One Decade of Funding Flows

Research shows that fintech investments have become more popular over recent years. However, there is very little data on the source of funding and where development funding flows relative to commercial funding.  This analysis uses available data to paint a picture of fintech investments by development funders – relative to commercial funders – and understand whether development funders are adding value by supporting markets and companies that do not receive/qualify for commercial funding or that have an opportunity to provide solutions that can enable low-income populations build resilience and capture opportunities

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With a strategic approach, development funders can expand fintech's impact on low-income communities and small businesses. See key findings from CGAP's fintech research at a glance in this infographic.

This practical guide, based on two years of global research, describes how development funders can identify promising fintechs and maximize the impact of their support.
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