Navigating the Next Wave of Blended Finance for Financial Inclusion

Speakers presented the state of blended finance today and shared experiences from using blended finance in financial inclusion.

Gateway Academy: Facilitating Partnerships with Financial Inclusion Training Providers: The Supply Side

Strathmore Business School joined CGAP's Gateway Academy to discuss why and how partnerships are integral in delivering digital learning for Sub-Saharan Africa audiences.

Cybersecurity for Mobile Financial Services

In this webinar, Paul Makin and David Medine discussed key vulnerabilities in mobile financial services and suggest countermeasures to address data security.

Strange Beasts: Making Sense of PAYGo Business Models

Panelists explored the unique operational, strategic and especially financial analysis challenges of the PAYGo solar business model.

Better Data Collection for Digital Finance Supervision

CGAP highlighted findings from its report on data collection by supervisors, BearingPoint explored some of the latest technology solutions, and the National Bank of Rwanda shared practical insights from the revamping of its reporting system.

Credit Scoring for Smallholders: Lessons from Uganda

In early 2018, CGAP partnered with FinTech firm Harvesting to support PRIDE Microfinance, Uganda’s largest microfinance institution, to develop an effective credit scoring mechanism using traditional and alternative data sources. In this webinar, we presented lessons learned from our initiative.

New Satellite Applications in Agricultural Insurance

In this webinar, presenters discussed the early performance of a new algorithm that uses satellite imagery and farm-level yield data to drastically reduce the amount of crop sampling required to offer area yield index insurance products.

Escaping Darkness: Consumer Value in PAYGo

In this webinar, CGAP and FIBR presented the results of our research in Kenya, Tanzania, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana.

Financial Solutions for Smallholders in Nigeria

CGAP presented findings from our nationwide survey of smallholder households in Nigeria - the first survey of its kind in the country. The presentation highlighted challenges and opportunities for delivering better smallholder financial solutions grounded on new evidence.
Washington, DC

Improving How Customers Understand Financial Products

Xavier Giné, lead economist at the World Bank Group, presented findings from a recent study co-authored with Cristina Martínez Cuellar and Rafe Mazer of 1,700 consumers in Mexico and Peru on the effectiveness of behavioral-based financial disclosure formats.