Funding Explorer: Interactive Data for 2018 CGAP Funder Survey

What is the Funding Explorer?

The Funding Explorer is a highly interactive analytical dashboard. This tool uses data from the CGAP Funder Survey complemented by publicly available contextual indicators. Users can create specific queries to understand who is doing what and where, identify gaps in demand and supply within a given market or segment, and identify potential partners/funding recipients. In this edition, you will find the most recent reported data from the largest 23 international funders on their active funding commitments for financial inclusion as of December 31, 2018.


How to use the Funding Explorer

Use the CGAP Funder Survey to:

  • Understand the context on major financial inclusion sector trends;
  • Identify opportunities to design projects that fit with your organization’s goals and capacities;
  • Find potential projects/partners;
  • Build a strategy that capitalizes on your comparative advantage and reflects market trends; and
  • Secure internal buy-in for the value of financial inclusion in addressing SDGs and other development goals.

The Funding Explorer contains five views, which you can see by using the right and left arrows in the bottom center of this view.

  1. Key Indicators – How much funding is going to financial inclusion and to whom?
  2. Explore Projects – What are funders doing and where?
  3. Explore Markets – How much funding is going to a specific market?
  4. Explore Recipients – Who are the top recipients of funding for financial inclusion?
  5. Alignment of Funding – Is funding for financial inclusion going to countries that need it the most?

Each of the views has a list of available filters which you can use to select the specific segment you are interested in, by funder type, project typology and geographic reach. The configuration of these filters will automatically update the results.

* Please note that the information in the Funding Explorer may be limited due to the funders’ institutional ability to report or any disclosure limitations. If you have any questions on the data or would like to request a demo of the tool, please contact us.



International funding increased by 12 percent in 2018 to approximately US$47 billion, a trend that has been consistent over the past five years. A third of international funders have been purposefully aligning their financial inclusion efforts to the achievement of SDGs.

Data snapshots are available at the global and regional levels and represent funding commitments from 23 international public and private funders.
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