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Hopes for More Financial Inclusion in the Arab World

For the Arab World, 2011 was historic. The year brought much hope and a sense of opportunity as Arabs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Gulf saw the possibility of a future without dictatorship, corruption and hypocrisy – the reasons underlying the poverty, unemployment, and political grievances which sparked the Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring and Microfinance in Syria

The winds of the Arab Spring gusted late into Syria, arriving within a climate quite distinct from the political storm that swept through Egypt and Tunisia. Violent clashes between protestors and government forces in Syria are ongoing without any sign of slackening, dispute resolution, or concord bringing a timely settlement.

Can Mobile Money Support Post-Conflict Development?

There's been a great deal of excitement over the last few years regarding the potential for mobile money to solve a host of development problems. An increasing number of post-conflict countries are all experimenting with or thinking about mobile money implementations. In addition to the normal issues and challenges facing policymakers and service providers, post-conflict and post-disaster countries face additional problems that merely serve to exacerbate the overall challenges with mobile money.