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Which Kind of Microfinance Institutions Can Serve Women Best?

CGAP and MFR analysis of 300+ MFIs explores the trends, challenges, and successes in closing the gender credit gap for smaller borrowers and identifies optimal designs for supporting more women clients, more equitably, and in more parts of the world.

Navigating Compound Crises: Microfinance Learnings From Lebanon

Lebanon has faced a recent string of compounding crises, crippling GDP and decimating the Lebanese currency. Al Majmoua MFI survived the freefall and offers valuable insights into the diversity of measures that can be taken in the face of crisis.

Financial Inclusion 2.0: Generating New Evidence to Maximize Impact

Despite extensive research, the financial inclusion sector still lacks a clear understanding of what works, when, and for whom. Financial services' impact varies widely, highlighting the need for new research and more nuanced insights.